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to vote for them. had to our facebook fan page and " like " us and we will read your comments. >> of course the presidential election is just one of many choices on the november ballot. each education measure are flooding the airwaves to dan kerman has more. >> announcer >> for our students the california announcer is yes. >> prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to or schools. >> it will stop the cut. >> it is spending billions of dollars street or schools. a >>reporter: to listen to these for and against it is to fill your head with conflicting yet similar assertions. creating confusion. >> they're both designed to put money into education. >>reporter: patrick murphy says that there are distinct differences between the two. proposition 30 ise governor an'' unions called for a quarter cent sales tax for four years. it raises the income tax for those earning $250,000 per year or more for seven years. however, the other is backed by the parent teacher association would raise the income tax for most people in california for 12 years. that is one distinct difference. >> the to
tells us that attorneys will now pass for a federal takeover of the oakland police department. >> this has been under court order to implement a laundry list of reforms. >> there is racial profiling. with a proper investigation of complaints the identification of problems with problem officers. they are still not in compliance after nine years. >> the attorney saying that the citizens of open cannot wait any longer. >> people are dying. people are getting injured. officers that need help are not getting taken care of. the department is not getting run properly we cannot stand by and wait for another occupy oakland. >> on thursday, he will file court papers asking a federal judge to appoint a receiver to take control of the oakland police department. >> i would describe him as the enforcer. the compliance in force for him- or her. >> as for is who is to blame? shannon said it is not one person. >> this is a systemic cultural problem that is not being addressed by the city could not being addressed by the city administrator this $6,000 reward is offered for this puppy. >> whoeve
in and think taking jewelry, cash and using one of the victim's pillowcases to take the property out. >> there are more patrols in this area and police are asking them to call if they spot anything suspicious. and i >> the cloud coverage has not cleared quite yet. some breaks over saand san francisco. and still, plenty of cloud coverage over the north bay. temperatures are warmer than yesterday but still definitely on the cooler side for the north bay. upper 50s and 60s to the north. 60s in san francisco. and a 64 degrees in redwood city but things are reluctant to warm up as record towards the weekend. the warming is expected to continue next week. how warm it is going to get, coming up. >>catherine: the giants are joining the state off and new jersey. now, they are waiting to see who they are going to be up against. opening up sunday in washington. if the cardinals? there will go to san francisco. and there has been a different set picture for the oakland athletics. the detroit tigers defeated them last night. however they have had a great season. there were at the coliseum and we
they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. teach >> it was one year ago when the police made the demonstrators moved and now they are back. this was the scene october 20, 2000 and 11. the police were clearing them away from the area. this move prompted a series of violence. buildings were vandalized and some of the more teargassed. and broadway. we can take some video to show you that the crowd has started to come out within the last hour and have. we have about a hundred people out here right now. if these people want everyone to remember what happened a year ago. if they are calling this an even legal eviction. they are calling for a peaceful protest but no one is guaranteeing it. they want people to remember it. >> i do not think that it is at businesses have been boarding up for what they expect could happen. >> oakland police officers are preparing for the demonstration and they know this is a one-year anniversary. the sergeant stated that the protest
at us. [laughter] >> and what a catchy phrase, barking. this is a little bit of a cowboy attitude because these are like buffalo cowboys out here. we have to really ride the ball and get it done eight seconds is all we need. >> i do not think i've ever heard that. >> i do not think so either. of. it is a new one. >> ride the ball, getting it done that is from an oakland a's fans. writing be able riding deaf bull and-- writing the bull a couple of characters i came across. more of those, coming up at 6:00 p.m. reporting live, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> i did not mean to throw you but i choked are wrong turn their regular-season but this is the playoffs. it is all business. >> i like the seriousness. they even take that tailgating just as serious. >> agreed to a large stone. we are going to worry that the great trees are stoned. j are stoned -- the great j.r. stone. >> and should the people vote about ross mirkarimi? >> during redneck will be coming up with bay area baseball and coming up at 5:00 p.m. card -- gary radnich. he wanted names and now he has them. who testified against
of the bay area. the warm weather is expected to stay with us for tomorrow. this red flag warning for the delta of. and as we go towards 7:00 p.m. tonight. we will see these red flag warnings last until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow warm. as i mentioned i will show you how hot it is going to get with cool weather possible. >> plenty of people out and about. they are enjoying this hot weather. these were sent to our facebook fan page and we are looking for more. and you can e-mail us at breaking news. we will show you more. >> dry, hot weather increases the risk of west nile virus. there are two new cases. one in contra costa county and the other in alameda county. there are 19 other cases in california this week. this is the first human case. in 2012. of course, the hot dry weather means serious fired danger. and we have video from mount diablo. this was earlier. upgraded to " high " danger. and we will keep you updated on the latest of these fire dangers. >> the man in charge of the santa clara health has been charged with multiple felonies. trading prescriptions for toxic tone in exchange
not get something. it might jinx office. chemical giants! the my daughter gave us the list--go giants-a- . it does not come cheap. $39. >> as they waited in the long lines for the souvenirs' one had some advice for those wanting to take part of the giants a trip to the world series. >> you do not want to be the idiot. you want to be with the champion a t-shirt. >> and hopefully we will have those shirts. what you want to look for is this official emblem. letting you know that it is the real deal. the other things i saw it is the commemorative was this the orange drink cup and some of these items are sold out. and some of these are just on a loan. i was going to give these to you, pam. but i do not think that it is going to work out a [laughter] reporting live, kron 4 >>jacqueline: we are looking at increasing cloud coverage with ominous mainly to the north. we will see out of that forecast during the game. increase with clouds and chilly even spotty showers chances overnight. and tomorrow with the decreasing cloud coverage and warmer temperatures. it will stay warm, dry for thursday a
worked the night shift and when he got off from work he was killed. >> the use organization saying that this man that was shot to death and this van was 23 year-old robert del. he was an overnight groundskeeper and also was a mentor for cute. >> and in 2012 he had shown commitment and we engaged it for is g e t and committed to is education he was grateful for his workers. he was a crew leader and somebody that he could count on. his supervisor could count on him. and a leader for his peers. >> also a devoted father for his two year-old son. >> he showed vast growth for his commitment, his children, family and goals. >> in oakland for haazig madyun >>pam: and accused school predator is in court today. they are not releasing a photograph. he is accused of four different schools. most recently an attempted kidnapping at park site in san mateo. you suspicions that he tried to take photographs of curls and a restaurant--restroom. of young girls. he is facing possession of child pornography. rob? >> there were no cameras allowed today with this 25 year-old that was in a red carole chum
and they thought that a murder suspect was held up in this home. they entered the home and used tear gas. it turned out that the suspect was not here. residents have been evacuated. what we have been trying to do cents and 11:23 a.m. this morning is tried to establish some type of communication. he is responsible for a homicide that was committed here in the city of oakland. >> right now the suspect still remains on the loose. >> this is a scene of the latest murder. a man was shot and killed here on hamilton street. this happened just before 1:00 a.m.. this marks the 100th murder of the year. in 2010 it was 95 murders. back in 2000 and eight it was a >> this is video from the scene. the east bay city continues to struggle with violent crimes. they want some type of community intervention. >> i this allows us to focus on individuals and to let the citizens know about these individuals and to see if this is a compelling argument for them to stop getting involved in violence. lieutenant armstrong stated that they have had a lot of success in other areas. >> san francisco suspended sheriff is back on
to be identified however, the crowd as decided that this service truck is first using this smashing up the windows. and after this keyboard used a garbage cans and this woman uses her bare hands smashes through that truck before it tipped it over. i have reached out to the owner and we still do not know if there were any injuries. back to you. >>pam: more video of that behavior from last night. this is right outside at&t park. there were lighting fires right onto the street. you can see emergency crews. there were trying to disperse and more fires in the mission district. the giants fans set on fire and even you can see they were feeding it with the year--- beer however, that dumpster fire in the mission district was able to be extinguished a closer look at the giants celebration. >> the giants fan could be celebrating but not a lot of celebrating going on in the mission district. here is where you can see graffiti on this entire side of the building. as we walk around and they did not break any windows. or take inventory. so it was open for business today. none of the damage however, the people t
their response. they're using this tip launch program on a free 90 day trial basis. if they decide to keep it will cost $3,000 a year. >> the city recorded 8 killings within 30 days. first of a man killed when a side wall. and then a few hours later a man was shot and killed at a birthday party. maybe gain related. police revealed nothing about the suspect that it was not too far from a gain area. we are experiencing a rise in gang members. the shooting occurred after midnight as he was a barbecue in his front yard. the police could not confirm that two men wearing bandannas approached the victim. a friend stopped by the house and told police that his friend was not affiliated with any game.gang. scores of rest and weapons seizures had occurred. we all know that this may be an indication that the gay members are free to commit their crimes. afraid to speak: camry this man agreed that retaliation may be the case. >> a puppy stolen by bubblers was returned to his family. at 10 year-old girl came home from school to 5 that her puppy nikko found his way home. as thousands ofdot believe that he
-hoboken. used by millions of commuters. and 2 ft. of water covering the airport and the oil tanker washing ashore on staten island. >> make no mistake this was a devastating storm. >>pam: new jersey, the storm searching through the beaches. stranded residents have to wait 24 hours for rescue. these pictures from the jersey national each card of what is left of the seaside heights. smoke from these buildings and ruins it destroyed by fire. the atlantic city boardwalk is damaged and asbury park with the new jersey governor sign that he is never seen anything like it. >> the infrastructure is expensive. >>pam: president obama will visit new jersey tomorrow. >> i think that we are all shocked by the force of mother nature. at the same time we have seen the nurses at and why you hospital, carrying fragile newborns at n y u .. and incredibly brave firefighters wasted deep. rescuing people in boats. these firefighters were waist deep in water. >>pam: this is new video of that craned that is partially collapsing. that crane is still teetering above the streets of new york city. partial collapse wa
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the numbers. as for the president he used the good news and all of his campaign stops today. >> today's news should give us some encouragement. it should not be an excuse for the other side to talk down the economy. they should not be tried to adjust for political points. good news but not big a deal one way or another. it just indicates that we are moving in the right direction but very slow. the next debate will be october the 16th in new york. joe biden will have his debate on october the 11th. >> we are getting new detail about president obama as next trip to the ss 0. he will be attending a fund- raiser. this will be on monday october the eighth period music musician john legend will be heading this scene. the tickets are a hundred bucks or about 75 bucks. this show will be from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.. >> in international news the deadly meningitis. there stating that pain shots that were given for back pain may have been contaminated. five deaths have been related to this. there is fear that as many as 23 states cut have been exposed. the fda has stated that salmonella has been found i
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into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. >> the 16 year-old not or rang her doorbell and she answered because she is familiar with them. he asked could he do more work and she agreed. what he actually did was open the back door so the 18 year-old could come into the house. >> the two suspects both choked the victim until she was unconscious. they went >> to return to set her body on fire is just despicable. >> news of an arrest responsible for killing barbara is a relief to her neighbors. two men are arrested after police released to the sketches of them. if the people in the area stated that they can now rest. >> knowing that someone broke in her house and appalled about the gruesome nature of crime. >> more bay area jews now. >> and lockdown at a high school after they arrested a suspect with a gun. >> scary moments for shoppers and san francisco's merina district. a car crashed into the store just after 10:30 a.m. this morning. one person was h
area. she gives us a picture of what it is like. >> good afternoon. right now, yes it is 102 degrees. 5:02 i kind of like it and as i checked with around the coast and inland some people to also like it hot. >> this dog has bright idea. with a swim at chrisy field. temperatures reached the upper 80s at the coast and people going to the beach to beat the heat. the sun screen. >> in walnut creek they went shopping and the state and the shade and grabbed a drink. >> i think that it is beautiful. i am a new yorker. it is fantastic. >> temperatures reached 95 degrees. >> to you like the weather today? >> yes, i do but perhaps perhaps a little bit less heat. >> with triple digits it was just too hot to sit outside. this blast of october heat is something to saver if you like summer. >> it is warmer but it is not as hot as some places. when it gets to be 103 degrees, 110 degrees in this kind of miserable. >> miserable or not some people really do like this type of weather. when we come back at 6:00 p.m. at the kron 4 evening news what we have seen with this weather to work around the bay. repo
they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. >> do you still believe that the giants can dig themselves out of their deficit? >> i will have the results from our kron4 facebook page. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> now have 5:30 p.m. the giants are facing a do-or- die situation. he is eager wieither win or go home. >> you can look off into the distance behind me people are starting to make their way out of these bars. >> i talked with some of the giants fans earlier. the >> and the fans finally join me and we are ready to when iwin. >> we started watching although way games and then we started lose so we made a rally moves. >> we were eating tacos on the other side and now we are eating wings
to doing that. that is what you have to against detroit. let us see if he can come back after throwing 150 pictures. >> do not avoid the ahead question to you think that he is dating a 19 year-old sister model? [laughter] >> i think that he is ready. >> to you think that he is a triple crown hall of fame are? >> it is a long way to go to say that. anybody that gets a triple crown he has gotten one after 22 home runs and he needs to stay healthy. but he is definitely on a path to do it. cabrera is the one guy that you have to worry about and young. >> the giants are working out behind us and i will ask you about squid ro scooter sc = scutero.. >> he got 360! and cabrera also 360. he is a ballplayer he is an excellent ballplayer he was like that an oakland, toronto, boston. however, when you get that attack they do not want to pay you and that is what happened to him. they did not want to pay him. >> and an 18.5 seconds or less? >> i think that the giants are going to get this in seven games. i think the bullpen of the tigers keep them in this. i think that is what is going to happen. >> j.
chute and even terisa estacio. and lisa first, let us start with a check our stone. he is alive. so far, it would-j.r. stone. he has lied. >> yes, pam. we are starting-i am-live here at at&t parks in the distance making their way into at&t park. it has been quite the 24 hours for the san francisco giants. >> the san francisco giants are out on the field monday preparing for game 7 of the national league championship series. this is just 24 hours after scutero that made this score for- nothing and in 24 hours. ryan vogelson pitched out and just giving up one run. he received more chance of a goa " gee" and sergio romo with a six-one was the final score. for the first time in the team's history they will try to get a game 7 on their home field. >> you can see they're making their way into at&t park. they want to see exactly during this game 7 with 5-0. facing elimination and they all have some real excitement tonight. reporting live, at&t park, n.j. are stone. >> more team coverage beefed up security. thank you, r j stone. >> kron 4's terisa estacio is monitoring this situation. >> hello,
on wednesday one of 36 stated that he tried to use his cell phone to detonate he did not realize that his contacts were members of the fbi joint terrorism task force. >> we are still pretty much targeted by terrorists. i think this just reaffirms it. i think it shows the law enforcement is vigilant and certainly they understand that the public can be complacent. we have had no successful attack here in several years. this man came on a student visa and he was a cyber security major at the college. >> officials stated that the public was never in danger because law enforcement was tracking him. >> it is time for a chat with the traffic. eck with our weather. it is starting to break up a little bit as you head into --it is not too bad direction has also improved. if you're in the east bay and you need to get across to the peninsula the san mateo bridge will be a good route. >> goebbels stock dropped 1% after earning income burnley a week ahead. the dow is down 8 and the nasdaq is down 31. weekly national job stated that it jumped to a seasonal adjustment to 388,000. the increase represented
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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